Personal Development Planning

Have you ever considered creating a personal development plan for yourself?  Such a plan is nothing more than a process by where you can weekly review whether you are on track with growing yourself in the major areas of life.  Far too many of us seem to be blown here and there by the “wind of life” as if we were one big sailboat with no rudder to direct us.  Many times that happens especially if you have kids.  But, even in the midst of the spontaneity,  which we need to accept, there still needs to be a plan by where you can help yourself improve in your career, your community, with family, and with friends.  In a way, this can be similar to a designing a family budget and sticking to it.  A budget helps keep spending under control or at least help you understand where your money is begin spent.   In a personal development plan, the same is true except it is focused on how you spend your time so you can improve yourself in the major areas of your life.  My plan is right in front of me everyday.  I review it and realign myself toward what I need to do so I live with purpose and not with internal frustration and fatigue.  Do you have a plan?  If not, I would be happy to help.


About KrisK

I am a person who loves my family and life as well as taking joy in pursuing the challenging journey God has me on.
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